LCD across ports

Using CodevisionAVR in the past, it has been great to use the LCD library to interface with an LCD. When this is not so great is if you have a non-standard setup and wish to connect the LCD to the AVR across different ports. I have this issue with my next project – a LCD interface for other microcontrollers. I am going to use the Tiny2313 and it can accept commands via either serial or i2c interface. The interface will be selected by 2 input lines (configured by jumpers). These 2 input lines will also configure the serial communication speed if it is used. The one issue I have come across so far is that the USI pins and serial pins are on separate ports and will need to be available. This does not leave a full port for the LCD interface, requiring the LCD data lines (4 pins) and the control lines (3 pins) will have to span ports. The upshot of this is that I cannot use the built in LCD library in CodevisionAVR. This is what has lead me down the path of programming the AVR on my OS X machine.

The google gods have guided me to this site¬† which is pretty much exactly what I’m looking for.