MythWeb and MythTV 0.26

So I had to get MythWeb running on MythTV which is running on my QNAP TS-210.

After going through the setup and changing the config file as required I had a few issues.
The first issue (Failed to open translation file: modules_path/_shared/lang/English.lang in /share/Qweb/mythweb/classes/Translate.php) was resolved by symlinking the modules_path directory in the Mythweb directory to the modules directory (in the same directory).

The second issue (nothing much appearing on screen and a javascript error about recommend_enabled not defined), I had the edit included/db_update.php and set the $db_vers to 4 as Mythweb kept trying to setup myth recommendations something or rather. I’m not interested in this and just wanted to get mythweb working.

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